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Schoolgirls Nanami & Marina ~Sexual Part-Time Jobs~

* Catchphrases

- Control Nanami and Marina with each different personalities to earn money!

- Help friends' debt repayment in Healthy? Or unhealthy!? part-time jobs!!

- Their part-time jobs are filled with dangers (of sexual harassment)!?

- What fates await the two (+1) after the debt repayment... Prostitute, or any other!?

- A money-making RPG of a neat & clean schoolgirl and a gal-ish schoolgirl!

* Situations

- While doing a part-time job in a bookstore, Nanami gets molested by the manager

- While doing a part-time job in a clothes shop, Marina gets XXXed by a male customer...?!

- Marina is pushed to a give titjob to a male customer

- Deceived by a massage salon's manager, Nanami is made to learn handjob + ball massage?!

- During a photo session, Marina takes a role of a model but put in a sleep to be r*ped!?

- Having an ecchi private lesson with a manager in a fitness club!

- Marina works at a girls' bar (hostess bar)

- Nanami falls victim to molestation

- In a VR trial occasion, Nanami faces ecchi situation both in the game and the reality

- While doing a part-time job in a maid cafe, Nanami gives a verbal abuse service to a masochist customer!?

- A man begs on hands and knees for Marina to have cherry popping sex

- When the two try to rescue Mobuko from a cult, they get involved in an ecchi situation!

- Mobuko invites Nanami and Marina to a sex orgy party!?

etc etc......

* Synopsis
A normal (yet busty) schoolgirl Nanami, a gal Marina and
a subdued girl Mobuko who somehow has a boyfriend are close friends.
But Mobuko gets a huge amount of debt deceived by her boyfriend.
In order to pull her back from love for the boyfriend and repay her debt,
Nanami and Marina start doing part-time jobs...
Will they get a sufficient amount of money, or descend into part-time jobs of an ecchi kind!?

* Characters
- Nanami Fujishiro
"All OKey! Just leave it up to us!"

For her benevolent personality and one of the biggest pair of tits in the class,
a lot of male students secretly like her. Often spends time with her close
friends Marina and Mobuko so classmates do not try to associate with her
because of the fearful presence of Marina.

- Marina Ono
"You wanna bang me out? Ahaha! You're making me laugh!
But you ain't going to have me cuz you're not my type."

Despite her model-like body proportion (BWH: 95 / 57 / 85 cm), wide opens
chest buttons and wears a very risque miniskirt and loose socks so
appears to be a typical gal. Personality is gal-like as well as does not
mind panty-shots, but has relatively tight sense of chastity.

- Mobuko
"I am... Let's say... A tragic heroine! Sold to a whorehouse and ends up to be the Night Queen!!"

Born to be a mob and destined to be a mob.
Has a handsome boyfriend but deceived by him into being burdened with a debt.
As air-headed as still being in love with the boyfriend and takes more of his debt.

Schoolgirls Nanami & Marina ~Sexual Part-Time Jobs~ screenshotSchoolgirls Nanami & Marina ~Sexual Part-Time Jobs~ screenshotSchoolgirls Nanami & Marina ~Sexual Part-Time Jobs~ screenshot

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