Saimin Class ~Joshi Zen'in, Shiranai Uchi ni Ninshin Shitemashita~ poster
Updated 2014-03-05
Developer OLE-M
Language jap
Language jap

Saimin Class ~Joshi Zen'in, Shiranai Uchi ni Ninshin Shitemashita~

Original title: 催眠クラス ~女子全員、知らないうちに妊娠してました~


Download Saimin Class ~Joshi Zen'in, Shiranai Uchi ni Ninshin Shitemashita~ from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
Screenshot 0Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6Screenshot 7Screenshot 8Screenshot 9
Protagonist's Younger Sister as a Heroine Protagonist's Non-blood-related Sister as a Heroine Non-blood-related Brother/Sister Incest Heroine with Huge Breasts High Sexual Content More Than Seven Heroines Student Heroine Sex in Public Places Nukige Sex Involving Hypnosis Class President Heroine Deredere Heroine High School Coodere Heroine Male Protagonist Ojousama Heroine Idol Heroine Heroine with Glasses ADV Timid Heroine Group Sex of One Male and Several Females Harem Ending Unlockable Routes Heroine with Zettai Ryouiki Narrating Others' Thoughts Transfer Student Heroine Non-heroine Only Unavoidable Rape Unlockable Harem Ending Defloration Heroine with Tights Super Deformed CG's Sounds of Copulation Student Council President Heroine High School Student Protagonist Unlockable Choices Memory Alteration More Than Seven Endings Brocon Heroine Doggy Style Heroine with Tan Lines Defloration During Common Route Unlockable Bonus Content Skin Color Selection Only One Bad Ending Music Recollection Sex with Protagonist Only Heroine with Big Breasts Hypnotism Adult Heroine Heroine with Sexual Experience Heroine with Ahoge Pregnancy Modern Day Japan Voice Replay Under the Same Roof Heroine with Leotard Cowgirl Impregnation Sickly Heroine Wedding Teacher Heroine Big Breast Sizes Heroine Sitting Sex Erotic Spanking Spoons Cunnilingus Vaginal Fingering Single Boobjob Protagonist's Sister as a Heroine Single Handjob Single Blowjob Read Text Marking Bad Ending(s) Nameable Protagonist Side Images Reverse Cowgirl Vaginal Masturbation Anal Sex Blood-related Brother/Sister Incest Boobjob Blowjob

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