R*pe de Imouto poster
Updated 2012-02-19
Developer Orange Rice
Size 5gb
Language jap
Download via k2s.cc
Download via fboom
Ripped by: Unknown

R*pe de Imouto

One day while your parents were away on travel,
little sister saw you doing a forbidden thing...

... No choice but to violate the little brat for the next 4 days!

* From the creators of Asuka-san is a True Angel!! (RE071585)
The spunky, big breasted schoolgirl character returns in sultry
3D sadistic interactive r*pe game!

* Realistic skin and breast groping assault!
Proprietary rendering PM Synchro and anime-style Tera Toon textures
are amazing! Enjoy as she takes creamy bursts of intravaginal orgasmic spunk!

* Violate her good!
Seek out and stimulate her most sensitive areas!
She'll get upset if you fondle inexpertly.

* 800x600 and full screen r*pe!
One touch toggle for large viewing satisfaction!

* Over 50 movies in 3DCG!
60 cutscenes totaling 30+ minutes of playtime

* Warning: 9GB of HDD space is required for installation

CV: Ryo Suzuki
BGM: Pierrot Lunaire
Created by Orange Rice

R*pe de Imouto screenshotR*pe de Imouto screenshotR*pe de Imouto screenshot

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