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Updated 2017-03-19
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Language jap  
Language jap

Room No. 9

When I came to, I found myself in an unfamiliar room.
I was taking advantage of my summer break to go on a ten day vacation with my best friend. We were enjoying the sights of Okinawa on the bus from the airport when—

And that's the last thing I remember.

Is this the hotel? Did I fall asleep on the bus...?

The door wouldn't open and what we thought were windows were actually just screens displaying images of the outside. When we searched the room for some clue as to where we were, we found yet another screen displaying a single, mercilessly cold sentence:

"You have been selected to participate in a behavioral analysis experiment."

We have to choose and complete a task presented on the screen as instructed if we ever want to see the light of day again.

If we play our cards right, we can get out in ten days—ten choices.

Our options are extremely limited—

Either my best friend has to physically harm me,
or I have to debase my best friend sexually.

At the mercy of these inhumanly cruel choices, the two of us decide to—

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Game screenshots:
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Single Blowjob Only a Single Hero Kidnapping Manual Prostate Stimulation Customization Sexual Corruption No Romance Plot Utsuge Friendship Anal Sex Anal Rape Graphic Violence ADV Adult Protagonist Male on Male Sex Only Confinement Protagonist with a Sprite Male Protagonist Male on Male Sex Seme Protagonist Anal Penetration High Sexual Content Adult Hero Drama Protagonist's Childhood Friend as a Hero Rape by Proxy Only Same-Sex Sexual Content Clothed Male Naked Male Scat Filter Completion Status Indicator Hotel Voice Saving Anal Toys Background Moans Protagonist with a Face Sex Under the Necessity Nukige Sexual Content Movable Text Box Protagonist with Voice Acting Multiple Endings One True End Modern Day Japan Protagonist with Sexual Experience Bad Ending(s) Sexual Devices Summer Lots of Event CGs Missionary Position Blowjob Built-in Flowchart Death of Hero Hero with Glasses Open Ending(s) Masturbation Non-penetrative Sex Varying Ending Songs Few Choices Ending List Normal Scene Recollection Voice Replay Read Text Marking Unlockable Bonus Content Sprite Viewer Spoons Clamps (BDSM) Close-up CGs Mutual Masturbation Panic Button Body Hair Option Boy x Boy Romance Only Correct Choice Indicator Glasses Option No Opening Movie Gentle Protagonist Orgasm Denial Cock and Ball Torture Devices Cock and Ball Torture Masturbation in front of an Audience French Kiss Nipple Piercing Open Gag Anal Masturbation Single Handjob Penile Masturbation Horror Corruption of Characters BDSM Strangulation Sex Mindbreak Vibrators Sounds of Copulation Anal Fingering Orphan Protagonist Bathroom Sex Bondage Non-consensual Erotic Humiliation Polite Formal Hero Rape Ejaculation Choice Modern Day Handjob Sex Involving Drugs Male on Male Rape Enema Spreader Bar Pissing Other Perspectives Scat Sexual Blindfold Urethral Sounding Group Sex of Several Males Mystery Frot Handcuffed Sex Pubic Hair Shaving Standing Sex Seventh Posture Single Footjob Sex in Front of an Audience Footjob Forced Cross-dressing Sex in Public Places

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