Riding a Giant Rabbit through Six Degrees of Prototyping poster
Updated 2023-08-29
Developer Grave Reaper Cushions
Patreon GraveReaperCushions
Language en
Total size 29mb
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Riding a Giant Rabbit through Six Degrees of Prototyping

Riding a Giant Rabbit through Six Degrees of Prototyping

In which sex shop proprietor Morag field tests the advanced features of the hot new Lapin Voyageur 9000...

Six-Degrees-of-Freedom styled 3D shooter made for the , featuring the meteoric return of 's very own !

I'm stipulating that this is a prototype because, welp, there's not much to do at the moment. But it does lay some important foundations: I absolutely have plans to grow this into something much bigger and more satisfying...



Mouse: turn and pitchW/S: forward/reverseA/D: slide left/rightQ/E: roll left/rightSpace: slide upLeft Shift: slide down
Left Mouse Button: primary fireRight Mouse Button: secondary fire
Esc/Alt+Enter: toggle fullscreenTab: unlock/lock mouseZ/X/C: change view:Z: left shoulder cameraX: first-person cameraC: right shoulder cameraR: reset scene


Right Trigger/Left Trigger: forward/reverseLeft Stick: slide up, down, left, rightD-Pad Left/Right: roll left/rightRight Bumper (or equivalent): primary fireLeft Bumper (or equivalent): secondary fire
Start (or equivalent): toggle fullscreenA (or equivalent): unlock/lock mouseX/Y/B (or equivalent): change viewSelect (or equivalent): reset scene


Known issues:

Sometimes the jiggle is jank... 😌 (I found that making small circles with the mouse somewhat fixes things... You'll see what I mean...)There are clipping issues with elements of Morag's outfit (my first fully-rigged 3D character, tho... 🤔)The third-person cameras easily clip through the environmentObjects between the third-person cameras and the player will obscure the viewThe projectiles are supposed to make an additional sound on impact, but it's consistently inaudible and I haven't figured out why yet 🤔

Shoutout to the following YouTube channels for invaluable tutorials:

And special shoutouts to ,  for the  and  for the .

Made in Godot 3.5
3D character models made in Blender
3D environment made in Textures made in 
Music created in and edited in Audacity
Includes sound effects from 

If you like what I'm doing and want to help me make more of it, .

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