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Updated 2024-06-11
Developer Aaaac
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Total size 467mb
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Research Tower 4

Magical research tower 4 is a short timed puzzle hardening/katame centric tf game. It's a homage to Japanese katame games, with an emphasis on something different happening each level, a high level of difficulty and cumulative effects across your run. 

You play as a series of witches in a research lab under magical attack. As they attempt to escape their floors the risk of getting transformed is ever present. All of them unknowingly prepare the way for the witch who will come and solve the problem.The game is complete!  All of the TF sequences were made by porting models from Koikatsu into Miku Miku dance and then using Katame shader.

The paid version is identical except it contains the optional "Peril" mode which rewrites almost all of the Transformation sequences to be "harsher" or more in line with classical hardening transformation sequences. Think loss of feeling, discomfort, mind control etc. It's not really a seven dollar feature but the fees Itch imposes makes that smallest amount I can still withdraw. I also got a patreon going where it's available for a dollar:

Content warnings: While this game does not contain sexual content, it is based around the hardening sexual fetish, where people are turned into inanimate materials. This naturally features a loss of control and agency. Peril mode contains some implied identity death. There is also a lot of cursing.

TFs in the game: honey, ice cream/slime, mushroom, statue, freezing, latex covering, petrification, gold, glass, possession, figurine, doll.

Home page:

Art gallery (In case you don't want to bother with the game wrapper):

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Game is available for direct download from various file storage providers. Install instructions can be found on developer website.

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