Rasberry In The Moonlight - Tsun Dere 2 - PunyuPuri EXE poster
Updated 2010-02-06
Developer Tinkle Bell
Language jap

Rasberry In The Moonlight - Tsun Dere 2 - PunyuPuri EXE

TINKLE BELL presents the fully animated adventure of the premium quality.
Sequel to "Tsun Dere!"

The story takes place some time before the settings of "Tsun Dere!".
She feels impatience and anxiety because of her first love.
A new best friend. And a different sight.
This is a bittersweet secret love story between a perfect A student, Orie Himezaki, and a new teacher, Haruna Fujimoto.

10 "secret" features of Rasberry In The Moonlight:
- Overwhelming volume of 4.7 GB
- 2.5 EXD (Extra Dimension) Ver. IV
- Perfect lip syncing in all scenes
- Facial-motion technique
- Perfect doll system
- Robust ecchi scenes (featuring 2 main girls + 4 sub characters + 3 new characters)
- Total 12 characters, fully animated
- Enhanced scenario
- Opening/Ending movie & theme song!
- Gallery mode (no need to clear the game)

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