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Updated 2020-06-01
Developer NicheNoSacchi
Total size 187mb
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Punished for Invading the Girls' Dorm

[1]outline of works
 The main character is a male college student who has no female friends, only serious.However, it is out of luck that it has been seduced by a friend who can peek at the bath of a longing senior in a new women's dormitory, and it is caught by a junior who teases with the senior of the matter by more.The two girls were trying to rule the body and mind with thorough punishment so that the main character can not go against the girl again....

[2] game contents
ADV with single choice, there is special route in addition to senior route and junior route

[3] operation method
- Z key / Enter key / left click : Next / decision
- X key/right click: message box hide, show / cancel
[2_2]select operation
- Left click: branch decision

[4]work style
- Glans blame (hand, cloth)
- Fucking.
- Tickle.
- Tits face filled
- Anal torture
- Show your armpit.

Basic 6 sheets(1 sheet is a choice image)

[6] materials used
Music: devil soul
[Sound effects]
Play with free sound effects!
MTO KN (*channel)
Kimmagure after-sale material storage
[Font, etc .]
Nicomoji+ - Nico character
[Some image parts]
Icon material download site " icooon-mono」
Fancy curve
- Moscow. :
・Yukisama Kitajima :
- Here, Anko-Sama. :
(*Text, system and some BGM...Mochi )

[7]Update History
-Ver 1.00 [2020/04/18]
- Product release

※This work is using the visual novel tool"Feast" () For Unity.
 In addition, both PC(Windows)version and smartphone(Android)version are bundled.

[8] notes
Please email and message in Twitter and pixiv account because it does not matter even trivial thing if such as a match fatal bug or trouble occurs.I would like to respond as quickly as possible.




-Zキー/Enterキー/左クリック : 次へ/決定
-Xキー/右クリック : メッセージボックス非表示、表示/キャンセル
-左クリック : 分岐決定


基本 6枚(内1枚は選択肢画像)
差分込み 71枚

MTO KN(※チャンネル)
ニコモジ+ - ニコ文字
・モスクワ様 :
・北嶋ゆうき様 :
・ここあんこう様 :
(※テキスト、システム及び一部BGM...餅々御握 )

-Ver 1.00 [2020/04/18]

※本作品はUnity用ビジュアルノベルツール「宴」( )を使用しています。


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