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Updated 2022-06-04
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Projekt: Passion

About the game

Earth has long since been abandoned, and what remains of humanity is now spread out across the galaxy. So what happened at Earth? That part of history has long since been lost to obscurity.

But what do you care? You have your own problems to deal with.

You've just survived an assassination attempt at the cost of your apartment. Sounds like any other day of the week, right? Right, only this time your partner has mysteriously vanished as well, and it's your duty to find out where she went! Word of warning: the answer may lead to... bigger adventures than you'd planned for. Better pack an extra lunch.

What is this project?

This is an adult visual novel set in an original futuristic sci-fi/cyberpunk world. The game is heavy on story and characterization and is interspersed with animated and voice acted cutscenes to bring the world to life.

Experience a good mix of comedy and drama through a story with dialogue choices that let you mold your own personality. Pursue a romance with your favourite girl (human, alien, android, you name it), or all of them, or none of them if you just want to experience the story. The choice is yours.

Why should you support me?

I enjoy doing this and I put a lot of work and passion into it, but that can't sustain me forever. Any pledge of whatever amount is appreciated and motivates me to keep working and finishing the project. And if I get enough support, I can hopefully create more games in the future.

I aim to be transparent with my followers by updating them on new stuff, and I'll make sure to include them in the project by taking suggestions, listening to feedback & criticism, and creating occasional polls to vote on.

Thank you for your attention, and I hope you'll enjoy the game if you decide to try it out!

Download Projekt: Passion from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
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