Princess of Heterosexual tentacle pregnancy experiment - Cruel story of the invaded exile princess- poster
Updated 2022-07-06
Developer Shimotsumaki
Language original
Total size 419mb
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Princess of Heterosexual tentacle pregnancy experiment - Cruel story of the invaded exile princess-

Original title: 異種姦妊娠実験の姫 -侵略された亡国のお姫様の残酷物語-

A noble princess is pregnant with human experiments and torture!
Rich womb illustrations, produce a terrible feel that wriggles in the womb!

- A noble princess who is tortured pregnant and continues to give birth to a variant-
A kingdom invaded by a huge empire and destroyed.
People associated with the royal family were executed and imprisoned, and the princess was taken in for human experiments by Imperial scientists.
what they did to princess altena.‥‥
It was to mate with a monster and to have a child with a monster
A number of torture pregnancy that can be continued without rest every day ....
A cruel story to befall the princess of the invaded country.

-Human experiment亡亡 Princess of the defunct country is tortured and humiliated by a monster and forced pregnancy-
Princess Altena is forced to cross with subspecies humans and monsters and get pregnant and give birth
A bizarre human experiment by a mad scientist of the Empire!

The change in the vagina is expressed in the womb illustration
Make all of the torture more real, more immoral and tragic!

-Diary of Princess Altena's deformed fetus forced pregnancy torture and humiliation-
i can still hear the footsteps of that mad scientist coming into my room today.‥‥
i came here to teach you the next torture, to enjoy the way i was frightened.‥‥
That night, it took a long time to slowly cross with the monster.
Along with the frustration that can not be done, the dreadful chills that I always feel run in my womb‥‥

○Month × day
Arthropod, like a centipede monster is dirty in the vagina to the depths, it was planted seed.
It's disgusting, it's frustrating, but I feel sexual pleasure with it and I feel sorry for myself who has reached the climax many times‥‥
in my womb, i feel his child crawling around as a sensation.‥‥
it's an unearthly feeling of discomfort.‥‥
in a matter of days, when i think i can give birth to them again, i hate to be alive.‥‥
how long will i have to endure this torture?‥‥

○Month × day
i got fucked by a monster like a frog‥‥
i still have the feeling of his horrible mucus on my skin.‥‥
Even though it should be dreadful, I feel puzzled that obscene sensations are beginning to be born in the back of my body.

○Month × day
I was humiliated by a monster who had the appearance of a spider that I was not good at.
It is made to crawl on all fours like a dog, and I have been fucked vagina as much as I like‥‥
It would have been a blessing in misfortune to not see him in person.

○Month × day
A strange machine was inserted into my vagina and my vagina got badly dilated.
there was a zombie next to the machine, and they poured their semen into my vagina.‥‥
i can see that my vagina is starting to rot because of their rotting child dwells in my womb.‥‥

○Month × day
A huge oak was inserted.
I was struck by something like a drug that rubberized my body, and my life was saved, but it was so dirty that my body was deformed‥‥
I feel disgust from the bottom of my heart, but it is frustrating that my body remembers so much pleasure and I culminated so much that I can not count.
I wonder if I came to remember the pleasure in the indecent sense because of the repeated humiliation‥‥

Endless Tortured Pregnancy‥‥
that footsteps are getting closer again today.…

- gain strength!turn him into a demon of vengeance.-
Escape with every hand!A new story to start from…
Let's regain our freedom and achieve great ambitions!

A princess route that rekindles with the remaining troops of her country and proclaims the revival of the country as a queen!
As an assassin, take the revenge Assassin route to collapse from the inside of the enemy country!

Specify a powerful monster one after another from yourself, sexual intercourse, birth, and use the body that changes day by day!the route to live as a monster!
will you use your pheromone release to gather your friends and become monster queen?
will you become a heinous monster, destroy the army of hate enemy countries, and reign as the strongest monster?!
















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