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Updated 2016-07-19
Developer Umanori Knights
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Princess Knight Lydia

There are two princesses in the Altein Empire.
Lydia is the eldest, swordfighter of the dancer knights, under the blessing of goddess Finora.
Furizia is the younger, guardian of the sealed demonworld gate, under the blessing of Tianon.

When their father the king dies of disease, Lydia takes the throne.
"I wish to support my people, like my father...!"
Behind the scenes Korekio, jealous brother of the dead king, helps Altein's enemies
destroy Lydia's army and take the castle...
Furizia is captured in the coup and ravished by orcs.
Korekio can access the demonworld gate... once he breaks Furizia's mind and body.

Lydia escapes the coup to a town below the castle.
She tries to rally a new army to take back Altein and free her sister.
But the people will not simply give their lives for her. She has to convince them,
pay them, but the fortunes of the empire are no longer hers to promise.

Time is short. Money is scarce.
Lydia must make difficult choices for the sake of the mission.

* Take back the castle from the traitor Korekio
* Buy and sell goods at the assorted shop
* Earn a reputation doing quests, hire mercenaries from the guild
* Trade sexual favors for money (there are consequences for too much!)
* Explore a labyrinth with a sleeping treasure
* Fight the enemy directly (there are consequences for losing!)

Four (4) endings
2 bad, 1 normal, 1 best

Conditions for endings are based on Lydia's experiences/choices

Over 40 base CGs (not counting pose artwork)

Princess Knight Lydia screenshotPrincess Knight Lydia screenshotPrincess Knight Lydia screenshot

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