Princess Harem poster
Updated 2020-05-26
Version 2020-05-03/1.02
Developer laplace
Served by
2.25 (6194)

Princess Harem

- Silky smooth Live2D animation in 60FPS!

- Power-up your Incubus Ring
You start off as a virgin, but using the magical Incubus Ring, you can gain power.
Perhaps your power will grow such that a simple tap will enrapture a princess in pleasure.
The shape of the sexual training in this game will depend on your choices!

- 3000+ lines of dialog! A fully-featured scenario with multiple ending routes.
Receive endings for each of the 3 heroines, or corrupt them all and go for the harem end!
See all their realistic and varied reactions to your touches!

* About the trial version:
Please test the trial version before purchase to confirm compatibility.
The real-time animation may cause lag on some PCs.

Princess Harem screenshotPrincess Harem screenshotPrincess Harem screenshot

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