Predaxxxor: Swallowed Alive poster
Updated 2015-10-24
Developer Studio Maple
Language jap

Predaxxxor: Swallowed Alive

A truly new kind of perversion! Recommended.

Lock a girl into a room with your pet worms.
Wear down her resistance and when the worms
swallow the girl, you win! But if she escapes
the room or defeats the worms, it's
game over!

Vore x Horror x Erotica SIM *
Hybrid Choice and ADV Erotic Game

- 1024x768 HD quality visuals (text and internal view ON/OFF)
- Voiced heroines x 5 in obscene situations!

Anything is possible in this fictional fantasy.

- One room, one girl, many worms
- Choose your commands and EAT HER ALIVE!
- Each girl is intended for devouring
- She will do and use anything to resist
- Be aggressive! Take advantage! SWALLOW!

Her tactics: alcohol (bad for worms!), cat food (it distracts them) and a handgun (!)
Your tactics: poison (melts her clothes), mini worms (easier to swarm and wear
down her resistance), charge (skip turns and boost your worm up to 3x power),
stiffen (shield) and of course, swallow (when she's below 15 hit points).

Aimi (CV: Yuka Nakajima) - school girl
Natsuki (CV: Maria Ayane) - college girl
Shino (CV: Rio Kisaka) - detective
Rika (CV: Ryo Suzuki) - writer
Rie (CV: Mirai Toki) - policewoman

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