Poster girl and Small labor poster
Updated 2023-02-18
Developer Unidentified Flying Food
Language original
Total size 587mb
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Poster girl and Small labor

Original title: 看板娘と小労働

I don't know which one to choose with almost all the options in this work.

We have prepared only options that can not be expected to expand, so please choose one with no hint.
In addition, the basic is 3 choices, but I do not know how many safe options there are.
Some events are all safe choices, while others may be all dangerous choices.

Depending on the content you choose, the heroine's virginity will also be taken away suddenly at the opening, so please protect it firmly by relying on your own intuition.

It is a light Netora flavor as usual.

Upon receiving a request to obtain the fruit of the sacred tree, the main character (player) who visited a certain city belongs to a group of mercenaries.
However, in order to have the fruit sold, it seems that you have to help the town people in need and raise the name.
In addition, the grandmaster says that the fruit acquisition also serves as the deputy grandmaster appointment test of the hero ....

- Basic CG 18 sheets + difference.
 15 heroines, 3 other characters.
 There is only a little peeping angle.

-6 erotic standing pictures
-CG for status screen is not included in the number of basic CG.

- Ending 6 species.
・ No days limit or game over.
・ There is no combat.

■ This work is produced by RPG Maker MV.

Please be sure to check the operation in the trial version.

There is a possibility to replace the contents by fixing the bug or upgrading the version.
Support will be supported by re-download, so please be sure to register as a member before purchasing.

■ If you have bugs, defects, etc., please report it.














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