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Updated 2021-01-23
Developer Hornblase
Total size 902mb
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Pizzaboy: Ultimate


Pizzaboy takes place in Terra, a planet that mostly resembles Earth and Pizza Boy is just one of its colorful denizens. It was inspired by an 80s movie about a boy who gave secret services during pizza deliveries to beautiful female clients who were bored with their lives.

Pizzaboy Ultimate is the sequel to a 2015 Flash Game Pizzaboy: Secret Service. PBU is a cross platform game and attempts to be more expansive as it will contain more features and locations in the future. The core game that is linked here contains 9 levels. Another difference is, PBU uses pre-rendered 3d graphics for the sex scenes unlike the simplistic animations that were seen in Pizzaboy: Secret Service. It also adds a new mechanic which is called  the companion system and this enables the player to enlist other skycycles to aid them in battle.

Core Game Features:

- 9 colorful levels
- More than 10 enemy types including bosses
- 9 female characters including sexy scenes, dialogue and unique sprites
- Fully animated sex scenes
- 3 unlockable companion characters
- Upgradable weapons and other equipment
- Cross-platform: PC, Linux, Mac, Browser, Android
- High replayability
- Connects to the original PT universe story arc

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1. Prevented PB from becoming offscreen.
2. Fixed arena control bug.
3. All bombs explode at the same time when pressing 'drop'. - Fixed
4. Going to the arena turns off the companions therefore wasting the points. - Fixed


- Added classic controls as an alternate control scheme
- Increased the initial movement speed by 50% 
- Updated the 'controls' screen
- Fixed the pizza pointer hot zone

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