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Updated 2016-04-07
Developer H&Stock
Language jap
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Pink Salon Roll Payment THE GAME

To pay off her father's $30,000 debt, a thoughtful daughter interviews at a Pink Salon.
She'll do anything! So long as it'll get daddy back in black!!

H&Stock presents a simple game with a female protagonist: Find out what it's like to work in the pillow business!


Daughter's duty is to make when a customer comes, he cums!
Satisfy clients who are in dire need of relief.
She can swallow cum to level up! And improve her technique!
Economize time to satisfy johns quick but thorough!

Straight up prostitution isn't the only way to make money:
There's also secretary work, selling goods... and plenty of other events to supplement income.


Over 40 illustrations! Full color, of course. With gallery viewing!
Various actions are synchronized between characters and events.


* Minimal action (there is some some QTE-style button press timing)
* Helpful items increase efficiency!!
* Find various events in town!!
* Earn medals to upgrade her status!!

Great value at a low price:
Playtime is 5 to 10 hours!!
You can also visit the homepage and blog for details.

Requires RPG Tkool VX RTP (free).
Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.

Pink Salon Roll Payment  THE GAME screenshotPink Salon Roll Payment  THE GAME screenshotPink Salon Roll Payment  THE GAME screenshot

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