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Updated 2018-07-31
Developer Riphial
Size 129mb
Language jap
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Persecuting Priestesses

A simulator-like action game to put "Priestesses", specialized in supporting acts
and vulnerable to attacks, into "Status Effect of Inescapable" and sexually
bully them to the end. Not so much story-based.

They will show a range of facial expressions resisting your sexual acts.
When they get weakened from too much orgasms the will fall down,
but still you can continue persecuting them by restraining their bodies.

Various monsters and objects move in smooth animation.

[Variations In Looking etc.]
- Hairstyle: 18 x 25 patterns
- Head item: 17 x 10 variants (incl. hair color and fluffy ears)
- Voice: 6 + 3 patterns
- Eye: 6 patterns

- Basic color: 14x hair, 4x cloth, 4x garter, 4x shoes, 4x lingerie
- Over 50 variant colors for each
- Skin color: normal, tanned, deeply tanned, orc (green), blue, pink/red
- Several tens of patterns in facial expression

[Things You Can Do In This Game]
- To strip them off (e.g. shorts, garter, shoes, cap and gown)
- To make clothes wet-through
- To lift skirts up
- To tear clothes (3 levels)
- To produce aphrodisiac gas
- To inject aphrodisiac drug
- To force gapeface
- To cast the spell of "pleasure time bomb"
- To beat them down completely
- To capture and confine them
- To sell and throw them
- To restrain them with chains
- To put them in tentacle clothes
- To make them pregnant (e.g. cum inflation, egg inflation, purple earthworm inflation, pregnant of tentacle)
- To force them to give birth
- To use remote-controlled vibrator (with vibration & animating x-ray view of fluid)
- To molest ~ inseminate
- To vore & tentacle-impregnate
- To vore & confine with tentacle mimic monsters
- To put them in leg-spreading restraint: 6x patterns x 3 levels (2x dildo, vibrator, many tongues, electric shock, tentacle, group of slimes)
- To put them under orcs' mating press (animating) + 5x variant positions
- To r*pe them while sandwiched by orcs
- To use many Penomenas for tentacle r*pe & creampie
- To pull their Shirikodama out in two panels
- To make them instantly corrupts in two panels
- Rec filter
- To push them up with various tentacles
- To touch, caress and punch them
- To fondle whole body
- To raise each part's "discipline level" & bring consecutive orgasms only by petting their heads
- To activate Auto Function where you can molest them in a handsfree style.

[Zoom-Up Angle]
- Close view of waist (side/front): Thrusting in and out
- X-ray view: Penetration, pressing womb and cumming into womb
- Close view of breasts: Playing with breasts and casting spell of lactation

* Bonus
- 2x text-only game: "Ero Trap Dungeon" and "Tentacle Mimic's Life"
- 170+ short-length erotic novels

* Note
- Because of the large number of variant artworks, this game occupies a decent amount
of the memory resource. Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version.
- Window size is 640x480, not adjustable.
- Based on R*gnalok Online with many original elements.

- I guess the UI is somewhat unorganized because I have added too many things during development.
- Less story-based.
- Almost everything can be controlled by click control.

Persecuting Priestesses screenshotPersecuting Priestesses screenshotPersecuting Priestesses screenshotPersecuting Priestesses screenshotPersecuting Priestesses screenshotPersecuting Priestesses screenshotPersecuting Priestesses screenshotPersecuting Priestesses screenshotPersecuting Priestesses screenshot

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