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Updated 2022-09-23
Developer donohutcheon
Language en
Total size 145mb
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* Paratrooper 1983 *

* Your Mission *

The year is 1983, you survived the onslaught of attacks brought on by invading paratroopers and jet bombers of original paratrooper game.  Unfortunately for you, over the last year your enemies have made major technological advances in laser guided missiles.

Furthermore your base and its defences are just as crappy as they were before!

Do not allow enemy paratroopers to land on either side of your gun base. If four paratroopers land on one side of your base, they will blow you sky high. After you have survived the round of helicopters, watch out for the jet bombers. Every jet bomber has deadly accurate air to ground laser guided missiles. These missiles almost seem to enjoy screwing with you as they loop above your base, but once they decide to strike, they never miss.

Your gun turret will overheat if it's overused and your accuracy is poor, so maintain your accuracy to avoid overheating.

* Controls *

Two keys make the gun move:
-> clockwise
spacebar fires shells

* Scoring *

HELICOPTER or JET 10 points
MISSILE 30 points
Each shell you fire costs you one point.

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