Pandora's Box poster
Updated 2018-12-24
Developer Studio Neko Kick
Language jap

Pandora's Box

Claire is a female knight serving The Lapar Empire.
Her loyalty so strong she could kill even her parents.
She is trusted with her straight-forward fidelity,
so she is left with the mission of which ultimate purpose
is to obtain the legendary treasures hidden inside "Pandora's Box"...

[Tactical RPG]
"Studio Neko Kick" challenges itself to new genre of gaming.
This is a orthodox Tactical RPG.

Production / Direction: Paison

Recommended for those who love:
* Mighty female knight r*ped
* Pretty elf falling victim to the venomous fangs of a fiend
* and want to play an Orthodox Tactical RPG

* Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
* You will learn how to play in the tutorial.

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