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Updated 2022-02-04
Developer Male Doll
Language en
Language en

Pact of the Ancients - 3D Bara Action RPG

Pact of the Ancients is an adult 3D Bara Action RPG game about a group of mercenaries who set out on a mission in search of easy money and discover that there are more intense pleasures than owning gold.

--- This is a VEEEEEERY early prototype and a lot of things will be added ---

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is our first 3D game and it's been a challenge for a small team to work on a project that needs so much knowledge from different areas. We hope you all can collaborate with us by commenting and sending feedback, especially because we intend to create more characters and more animated h-scenes.


Velvet Obelisk Island has been increasingly feared by the people of planet Voira due to a supposed curse that has been turning people who inhabit there into monsters. Known as drownetts, these creatures can communicate a few words but no one really understands them enough to figure out what happened to turn them that way.

Because of that, different institutions on the continent have sent, at the request of the crown, people who believe they are capable of discovering relevant information on the subject. Regardless of whether they are religious, warriors, wizards, or mercenaries, the news that crosses the mouths of adventurers is that Pazhoog, a powerful satyr who acts as a religious leader and has an unknown past, has been able to calm down the creatures that inhabit the island. But now, a lot of questions are being raised: Is he really such a good being? Is he responsible for creating the creatures? What are the creatures trying to say?


4 Unique Playable Characters with unique classes and skills (1 available in this demo - The Barbarian);Animated Scenes (1 available in this demo);A 3D Action RPG game inspired by Diablo II and The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing;Skill Tree with unique skills for creating different tactical battle strategies (only 6 activated skills in this demo);Equipment System;Level Up System with Status points distribution;Unique side quests for each class (coming soon);


A, W, S, D - Movement;E - Interact/Talk to NPC;Left Button - Attack;Right Button - Camera Rotate;1 to 8 - Skills Short Cut;

In-Game Short Cuts

C - Character Status;I - Inventory and Equipment Slots;K - Skill Tree;Q - Quest Log;ESC - Pause;

EXTRA NOTES: We've been discussing improvements for the game on  on a special channel and there are a lot of things that will be available in the next patches. Check out a few scheduled things: 

Possibility of using potions from the shortcut panel, minimap, new activated skills, passive skills, new items, UI and feedback improvements, new h-scenes, concept arts, and much more.

Download Pact of the Ancients - 3D Bara Action RPG from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
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