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Updated 2017-06-30
Developer Norn/Miel/Cybele
Language jap
Total size 786mb
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Other World Harem Dungeon Master

Title: Other World Harem Dungeon Master
Subtitle: ~F*ckFest the Noble Knightess & Demon Lord with Erotic Traps! Create an Underground Insemination Empire~

Become the Dungeon Master of another world!
Lay erotic traps in wait for unsuspecting adventurers
and subjugate them with your stalwart seed!
Turn a dungeon into your very own erotic harem~

The socially reclusive Demon Lord sends you to another world full of girls.
You become a dungeon master there and must defeat the Noble Knightess' party!?
Using your wit, previous game knowledge and a devious imagination you trap the
girls in erotic situations and have your way with them... Even the Demon Lord herself...!?

Trap & Giant C*ck Erotic-Brutal Virgin Penetration & Corruption of Strong Females
Make them GapeFace & Beg for More, Swearing their Loyalty to you and you alone!

* Both Elegant and Erotic (FAPPABLE) strong heroines fall victim before you!
The Holy Princess Knightess, Her Sword-Master, A Great Sage, An Oriental
Shrine Maiden and of course even the Demon Lord that gave you your powers!

Subjugate them until they declare their desire to become your own exclusive
fleshy objects for sexual gratification from the depths of their hearts!

* F*cking in the dungeon as much as you like! The ultimate fantasy life!
The world (dungeon) is your playground! Pee inducing gas, ass in the wall
entrapment, forced prostration traps, cum slime traps and other such lewd
and perverted embodiments of salacious deviousness will bring these strong
willed female fighters to their knees... begging for your mercy... your C*CK!
Create an amusement park in your dungeon. EROTICALAND!
as the first step to the foundation of your Underground Insemination Empire!

* Perform heinous erotic acts and... for some reason be thanked for it!
They will writhe in glee and pledge their allegiance to your mighty d*ck!
They may be strong, but in the end, these women cannot defeat their instincts.
They will serve you devoutly, their strength, ability and noble wills... all yours.
Line the bitches asses up, 5 in a row and give em a reward of the creamy spunk!
They will yip and yap like your loyal guard dogs and willingly accept your seed.
Eventually their bellies will bulge and show the fruits of your labor (F*CKFEST)!
There bodies and souls existing for one purpose. Your pleasure! Enjoy!

189 images total (including variations)

* MAX LEWDNESS! Erotic gapeface galore and
arousing moaning, groaning, screams of pleasure!

An erotic and popular selection of voice actresses will
voice the characters for you perfectly. Their alluring erotic
voices will bring out the most salacious side of their role!
Their bodies and hearts, their entire being, utilized fully
to tempt you, to seek your attention, to let to image them
writhing and twitching in pleasure as they undergo and
perform smuttylicious acts of perversion...
There will be no audio censorship found in this work!

Enjoy the 1866 total voice clips! (About the same as a DVD video!)

Voice Acting:
Risette (CV: Suzuka Fujimura)
Aina (CV: Shiki Hanemura)
Suzuka (CV: Yume Hoshizora)
Yurisis (CV: Honoka Yuuki)
Giselle (CV: Kyouko Nagahara)

"Other World Harem Dungeon Master" by Norn/Miel/Cybele is published for you by our large adult game library and is available for free to download right now. The total size of this game is 786 MB. Try to play other ahegao/gapeface and fantasy games to find the best. Check out provided screenshots of this game before downloading it to meet the style and the gameplay. Share your opinion about Other World Harem Dungeon Master to allow others to discover it. Find more games like this using search by tags or by category.
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