Oniichan is Alice's Exclusive ATM! poster
Updated 2017-07-20
Developer STARGATE3D
Language jap

Oniichan is Alice's Exclusive ATM!

You've always been little sister's money spouting cash machine but...
Today, you've reach the BONUS STAGE!
Alice will provide you erotic services relative to the amount of dough
you cough up, so get ready to graduate from being a cherry boy!

* First Person View Digital Novel
* 3D Looping Animation
* File Format: Flash EXE
* Screen Resolution: 1280x800
* CV: Gemiko Yamada

* Regarding Keyboard Controls (Retail Version only)
Scene selection: Use the arrow keys (UP / DOWN) or number keys (1~9)
To proceed to the next scene use the RIGHT arrow key.
To return to the previous scene use the LEFT arrow key.
Press "F" for Full Screen mode and ESC to return to Window Mode.

Screenshot 0Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3

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