nursery Slime ~Bizarre Days with a Slime Girl~ poster
Updated 2018-12-24
Developer doubles*core
Version 1.10

nursery Slime ~Bizarre Days with a Slime Girl~

Concept: No game over ero! No NTR cuckoldry!
Lovey dovey~ sex with a slime girl! Just PURE LOVE!

Oswald Lauren is the once adventurer protagonist of this story.
He's looked down upon with scorn and disdain and with no
money to his name, he's finally been kicked out of his lodging.

Without any other means of survival. he picks up adventuring
once more and while on a quest in the sewers encounters a slime.

For some reason he brings the slime back with him?
and that night a beautiful slime girl appears at his side.

"Oz, I love you!" she says.

...This is the beginning of an underdog adventurer
and his beautiful slime girl's bizarre and erotic days!

*Game System*
Transformation! That's what this Slime Girl Kuu can do!
And when she does it, her parameters and characteristics change.
Of course, assuming your meet the conditions erotic scenes too!

Battle System
The party is mainly, the protagonist and Kuu.
An orthodox, command style side view RPG battle system.
Utilize Kuu's transformation abilities to fight strategically.
Depending on the food that you feed her, her parameters will differ.

*H Scenes*
The protagonist has erotic encounters with only the main heroine(s).
Mainly consensual sex between the protagonist and Kuu.
Kuu can shape-shift into a variety of different monster girls for H fun!
She also assails a variety of monster girls herself!

30 base HCG + variations = 300+
Other CG = 7 + extra
Reminiscence room implemented

Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

* Created with RPG Tkool MV
Confirm system compatibility via the trial version.

nursery Slime ~Bizarre Days with a Slime Girl~ screenshotnursery Slime ~Bizarre Days with a Slime Girl~ screenshotnursery Slime ~Bizarre Days with a Slime Girl~ screenshot

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