Nekura Ijimerarekko o Tasuketara Natsukareta! ~Kakure Bakunyuu Bishoujo to Iinari Haramase Dousei Seikatsu~ poster
Updated 2020-01-06
Developer Miel
Language eng

Nekura Ijimerarekko o Tasuketara Natsukareta! ~Kakure Bakunyuu Bishoujo to Iinari Haramase Dousei Seikatsu~

Original title: 根暗いじめられっこを助けたら懐かれた!~隠れ爆乳美少女といいなり孕ませ同棲生活~

The beautiful busty girl you defended becomes your slave?She lives with you and has all the sex you could desire!

You saved a girl classmate and she devoted herself to you.
Not just at school but at home too, she's always there. A life of two.
Master and servant. Your wish is her command.
Enjoy the lewd life with a girlfriend who makes you her only priority.

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