Nebel Geisterjäger ~ The Lamb of the Beginning poster
Updated 2022-11-06
Developer BBQ Lover
Language original
Total size 3gb
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Nebel Geisterjäger ~ The Lamb of the Beginning

Original title: Nebel Geisterjäger ~ 始まりの子羊

This work is a NTR work dedicated to hidden H drawn from the male protagonist's perspective.

While there is a cuckold depiction of the heroine's perspective, the player side will know from a different perspective such as the heroine's heart rate, telephone exchanges, surveillance camera videos, and listening information.In order to protect her from the evil hands of her boss, information gathering is more essential than anything else.

The whereabouts of two people who are completely unpredictable like a living human.
You can change your behavior according to the situation, plan a strategy, and enjoy the exciting attack and defense battle.

Events that are drawn from various perspectives, such as peeping, images and videos posted on SNS, AV, positive dreams, etc., may change greatly depending on the progress of the capture.

Pure love route is also possible!Until she is completely cuckold, there is also a chance to recover.The development may change depending on the size of the x x x that the player himself decides ......

5 endings are hidden depending on the choice of this work, and it is also possible to play around.
Can you protect her?








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