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Updated 2018-12-21
Developer studio rain
Language jap
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Natuane 2

Summer has come... This year enjoy naughty things with your cute sister...
With two heroines, please be soothed by older sisters who love you so much!

You have come to visit your cousin Ichika again.
This time you will stay for a longer period.

Straight away you go to the school's swimming pool with Ichika.
However, for some reason your friend Mana appears...

Approached by the two, a restless summer begins once more!


[Planning & Character Model]
studio rain

[Character Motion]
Melon Bread

[Costume Illustration Design]

Nana Nanase

YukiUsagi as Ichika
Yukiko Shinomori as Mana


Natuane 2 screenshotNatuane 2 screenshotNatuane 2 screenshotNatuane 2 screenshot

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