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Updated 2018-11-24
Developer anystrail
Language jap


Trial Version: 1.05
Commercial Version: 1.06

Nana Ayase is an ordinary girl who's new in town.
She's just getting used to her convenience store job when she gets wrapped up in a battle between
a catlike dog warrior and a gigantic, black slime.

Live Nana's life freely by going to school, work, and more!

Depending on your style, the ending will change!

31 base CGs
Good/bad ends: 5
160 H scene variations

Harvest the slime using a variety of means! Once you've collected all 22 pieces, the game ends.
As long as you have the motivation, you can spend each day as you like. Sex energy is required to
collect slime, which can only be obtained with sex (though items can bypass this).

Though as you accumulate sexual experience, your H level goes up and certain obstacles will appear.

A virgin ending is possible.

Created using RPG Maker VX Ace and requires the corresponding RTP file.

Nana-chin screenshotNana-chin screenshotNana-chin screenshotNana-chin screenshotNana-chin screenshot

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