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Updated 2018-12-24
Developer Okra Marine
Language jap
Version 2.0

Naive Girl Illvina - The Gift To The Royal Family Stolen -

* The latest version is [V.2.0.2]
Please refer to the link below for development information:

This is an exploration based RPG without battles where a naive girl investigates
around a kingdom in order to solve a sequence of incidents happened here.
No complicated mystery solving and the likes. This is a simple and easy game!

* This game is like...
- A naive girl came from the countryside faces a bunch of erotic situations!
- H scenes in pixel animations & beautiful maps!
- Erotic parameters in the menu screen!
- No battles! No game overs! She makes a living by collecting things to sell!
- You can bukkake on a sub heroine who is the Princess after clearing the game!

* Story
A girl moved in an adventurer's country "El Grande". Her name is Illvina.
It seems like a sophisticated cloth brought to her hometown Kaena by
a certain trader strongly motivated her to skip out of the rural town to El Grande.
However, it turns out that the cloth she bought for all of her money was
a stolen asset that was supposed to be a tribute to the El Grande's royal family!
Because a tailor owner Olivia who designed the clothing shows sorrow over
the issues happened to the clothe, Illvina sets out to solve the incidents.

* Estimated Play Time
Story: 1~2 hours
H Events: 1 hour~infinite
(you can enjoy H events after the story or during the story. virgin play-through is possible but no profits.)

* CG / Scene Count
Base CG: 33 (not counting non-erotic, pose art and pixel art. about 229 incl. variations)
Pixel Art: 6 (12 patterns / 56 chara chips)
H Events: 19 situations with levels for each, 12+ sub situations (not counting pixel art erotica)

* Scenes Added in Updates
Base CG: 12 (not counting non-erotic, pose art and pixel art. about 184 incl. variations)
Pixel Art: 5
H Events: 16 situations with levels for each, 2+ sub situations (not counting pixel art erotica)

No expressions of scatology, pregnancy, futanari etc.
1 scene depicts cum belly inflation.
Light expression of NTR (cuckoldry) is contained but can be omitted in setting menu.

* Functions
- Story Support
Critical events are indicated with "!" mark.
Illvina tells you the next place to go when you press Q key on the map.
These features support your gameplay!

* H Level
Illvina gains HEXPs upon sexual activities!
Her H repertory is to be expanded with level up.

* H Parameter Screen = Menu Screen
When you open the menu screen, you can see Illvina's H parameters:
- number of men she has 'experienced',
- numbers of cumshots on each part of body,
- number of orgasms and her first 'partner'!
Bukkake variations included.

* Sex Toy Shop
When her H level becomes 2, "Maho's Secret Shop" opens!
Masturbation tools and glasses to see NPCs' H parameters etc. are sold...!
(more than 50 female NPCs have their own H parameters!)

* Pick Up Artists Roaming Around
As she becomes lewder, more pick up artist chanters come to roam around the map.
See pixel art H scenes with them in the town, material gathering maps and so on!

* Sub Heroines' H Events
With certain conditions successfully met, you can see the sub heroines' H events too!
To see their erotica, create things from materials in a cafe and present to them!
Of course they have H parameters! Peep into their secret sexual affairs...?!

* Even More Functions!
Story Memo, Reminiscence Mode, H Event Skip (already read ones),
Message Skip, On / Off Message Window, Always Available Money Making Quests,
Material Shop for Adventurers (sales different things day by day), pixel art scene replay etc.

* Characters
Main Heroine:
- Illvina: A naive girl with a benevolent heart. Good with her hands but lack of talent in magic!

Sub Heroines:
- Anna: An Elven blond girl in charge of the management of the adventurers' guild. Shorter than Illvina!
- Kallisto: A black haired beauty. The deputy leader of the kingdom's knight legion. Seems strict but generous!
- Maho: An owner of a shady magic shop. As opposed to her appearance... Greedy!
- Princess Princia: The Princess of El Grande. Sassy and impudent!

* Notes
- Some H scenes contain NTR (cuckoldry) elements. On / Off NTR function may be added in update.
- Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
- This work is created using RPG TKool MV.

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