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Updated 2020-01-29
Version 200124
Developer Banana King
Language jap,eng
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2.06 (64)

Nai's Training Diary [Multi Language Ver.]

* Language Switchable: English, Japanese, Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified

*Story Outline
One day you adopt "Nai", a young girl who constantly suffers from domestic violence, and you will take care of her for 100 days.
The girl, at first, is afraid of crowds of people and keeps vigilance over anybody.

But as you talk to her every day, you can bring warmth to her and gradually let her become not afraid of people. Then the girl will be able to connect with the world.

The game is flexible to an extreme extent.
You can let Nai work to earn money, go out for fun to strengthen your bond with her or learn all sorts of things.
There are 11 places available for free exploration and over 50 unexpected events.

If intimacy between you and Nai reaches certain values, you can have sex with Nai in many different ways.
There are various dresses and suits. For each suit there will be different have-sex plots for different places.

Everything of Nai is well under your control. Start a unique and romantic journey with Nai right now!

*Game Highlights
*Voice of the heroine throughout the game
*43 basic CG, including 300+ differences
*30+ different facial expressions
*Costumes: 8 types of costumes (Homewear, Swimming Suite, Winter Clothes, Formal Suite, Dancing Dress,Bunny Dress, SM Suite )
*Game Endings: 20 kinds

*Characteristic System
*In environmental settings, you can enable the full CG mode to freely view HCG
*Multi-ending system
*User-friendly operation system
*Support mouse
*Quick text-jumping system


※ 遊戲支持四個語言版本:日本語、英語、中文(繫体字)、中文(簡体字) 。



有11處地點可以自由探索, 超過50種突發事件。



 ◇43張基本CG , 包含差分300張以上
 ◇衣服服裝:8種服裝(家居服, 泳衣, 冬服, 裸體, 舞蹈衣, 兔女郎裝, 禮服, sm裝)


Nai's Training Diary [Multi Language Ver.] screenshotNai's Training Diary [Multi Language Ver.] screenshotNai's Training Diary [Multi Language Ver.] screenshotNai's Training Diary [Multi Language Ver.] screenshot

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