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Updated 2022-08-26
Developer Mr. FarmGuy
Patreon MrFarmGuy
Language en
Total size 460mb
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My Family Farm

A farming Sandbox /Visual Novel with Adventure/RPG elements and moraly questionable milfs!

The plot:

After a catastrophic event on the other side of the planet you are forced, due to your poor financial situation, to live on your late grandmother's farm.

However, when you try to reactivate the farm to make some cash, you discover the existence of goddesses, something that completely changes your life.

Now, using the hypnotic powers of this goddess you must help the mayor fight a mysterious organization that threatens to destroy the city, your farm and your new life!

The gameplay:

A easy farming system, plant and forget, no need to water the crops everyday! And with a little practice you can even milk the girls and harvest eggs, if that is your thing.

A open sandbox, girls have their own schedules and routines. Which you can change to better suit you on your farm life!

Speaking of which, you have access to a lot of information about the girls, mood, psy, fertility, favorite gifts and more.

Phone system, exchange messages with girls and collect wallpapers.

Other that that, Inventory with lots of items, gifts and dates, condoms to avoid pregnancy, buy a car, fighting (coming soon), house expansion, repeatable scenes, custom translations and more!


If you like this game, please consider supporting its development on !

You can read a , explaining what I will use the money for, how soon I expect to finish the game, and other things... But spoiler alert, I will use the money to make more and better games!



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