Monstruck! poster
Updated 2018-12-24
Developer woodworknostalgia
Language jap
Version 1.20


* ver1.20

* Story
The protagonist is a powerless demon lord.
A hero took everything from him, driving him and his monmusus to a secret sanctuary.
You are Maou-sama, and this is your laid-back private life after defeat.

* Game
A slow life & battle f*ck RPG.
Your goal is simply to be happy and enjoy life.
Meet monster girls and screw them to deepen your friendship.
Let's not worry about vengeance and power.

9 heroines, each with their own unique events.
Play at your own pace with no time limits or specific requirements.

* About battle f*cking
You can be dominated.
You can beg.
You can cum abruptly.
Basically you can do a lot.
No game over, no life drain gauge, just freedom to f*ck.

* Monmusu x erotic outfits
Heroines are (almost) all clad in sexy clothes.
Species are from various lores, like lamia, arachne, mermaid...

Character graphics by Mikan

Map and character chips by DeathHomoMan

* Add-on content and other patches are possibly forthcoming.
* Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

Monstruck! screenshotMonstruck! screenshotMonstruck! screenshot

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