Mono Quest poster
Updated 2018-01-08
Developer monotool
Language jap
Version 1.0

Mono Quest

* What's sort of Game?
This is an ACTRPG where a martial artist-ish girl helps people in trouble in the guild.
She is to be given H things by various enemies and male characters.
Includes battle scenes that is carried out with easy action control.
Relatively lower difficulty. The story is not that deep. No game over.

* About Pose Art
The pose art changes when attacked by enemies or facing H events.
In addition to normal, half-undressed and naked, 31 total erotic motions
are contained (4 x patterns in the trial version). The erotic motions are
all animated and come with sound effects.

Mainly in naked / r*pe / creampie situations.
Animations are created with AE based on pixel arts.
You can turn on / off cross-sectional view by chatting with a receptionist.

Mono Quest screenshotMono Quest screenshotMono Quest screenshot

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