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Updated 2016-10-13
Developer Hourglass & Pencil
Language jap
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2.08 (786)

Misea Offers A Reward

* Premise

The peaceful little kingdom of Bouclier was nestled in the woods.
When the king fell suddenly ill and died, however, their neighbors began to invade.

Just as the king's daughter Misea took the throne,
a Bouclier spy returned from beyond the woods to report the news:
the invasion was coming. It would reach Bouclier in 15 days.

Bouclier lacked an army, or even proper armaments and defenses.
The soldiers were resigned, but Misea was not.

"We can make this country strong in 10 days! I am your queen and your knight! I will stand with you!"

* Game

The mission, is to endure the enemy invasion.

Command the army as Princess Knight Misea to maximize 3 patriotic parameters.

Each day Misea can issue one of 6 orders to each and every soldier:
follow (her), gather, upgrade (equipment), upgrade (facilities), inspire, standby
Each soldier follows his orders for that day.

Gatherers will return with assets that can be invested in upgrades.
When there's enough assets they will be applied to one soldier randomly who has been ordered to upgrade.
Ask the nobleman for what assets are needed.

Defeat in the field will incur the wrath of tentacles.

Success boosts the morale of the soldiers, and brings new recruits.
However, toiling away at orders (except standby) makes the soldiers unhappy.

Misea can reward one demoralized soldier each day to cure his unhappiness.

In cases of extreme demorality, a soldier becomes dangerous.
He will rebel and assault Misea.
If this happens too often there's a good chance the army will mutiny.

In short:
- Command the soldiers
- Reward one each day
- You can control Misea freely
- Assess daily results

The invasion is coming! The soldiers need their leader! Good luck, Misea!

Misea Offers A Reward screenshotMisea Offers A Reward screenshotMisea Offers A Reward screenshot

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