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Updated 2022-06-22
Developer Indoor Sunglasses
Language en
Language en

Mind Diver (Student Version)

This is a free student project version of Mind Diver, meaning it has rough edges. Only a part of the planned story and content is in the game. We still think it's a cool experience worth trying out though!

Mind Diver is a first-person detective game. You search a woman's memories for clues to solving the mystery of what happened to her boyfriend after a party. As a Mind Diver you explore an ocean of memories. Use your logical deduction skills to fill out holes in memories to restore them.

Mind Diver’s unique investigation and deduction structure is developed in consultation with world-leaders in puzzle design, like Lucas Pope, creator of Return of the Obra Dinn. You will come across lots of unexpected discoveries and exploration of a fascinating mind world, with surprising deductions.

In Mind Diver, the story is the puzzle. Only by understanding the story can you progress.

Fresh, expressive 3D-scan style
The style creates an authentic experience, packed with details to study and explore. Paying close attention to detail helps you solve puzzles and brings you closer to the characters of the game.

Glimpses into a beautiful relationship

The memories float around in larger-than-life surreal landscapes, each centered around an emotion: Heartbreak, Worry, Hope, Regret and more. Every solution to a memory reveals not only more of the story, but also more clues to the overarching mystery that you are trying to solve. Mind Diver will make you feel like an actual detective by only giving you the clues and asking you to make the connection.

Pleasing and satisfying correction mechanic

Memories are restored by using your logical deduction skill to fill out empty holes in memories. You can pick up anything, even people from the memory or a nearby memory and fill out black memory holes to uncover suppressed secrets. Explore the mind world and think ahead to make the correct decision.

Satisfying, rhythmic swimming

As a Mind Diver you can freely swim around the landscapes to explore the mind. With the implementation of a satisfying, rhythmic swimming mechanic you are in control of your swim speed.

Helpful transportation slipstream

The slipstream connects you between multiple memories. The mind world offers an intriguing case, involving disappearances and deception, with a universal truth at the heart of the story. Getting to the bottom of the case is not easy, so you'll feel like a genius detective as you solve satisfying, challenging puzzles.

Easy navigation through memory portals

You will come across a striking world and scan-visuals that evoke a unique feeling of reality. Memory portals will connect you between areas and ensure a simple, smooth travel between the clues you need to make each deduction.

Amazing atmosphere

As you explore the mind and work to solve the puzzles, the game atmosphere and soundtrack weave together to create a larger-than-life, melancholic atmosphere.

From everyone at Indoor Sunglasses: Have a nice dive.

Download Mind Diver (Student Version) from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
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