Midnight Exhibition JK poster
Updated 2020-02-10
Developer double melon
Language rus

Midnight Exhibition JK

* Story
Our female protagonist Yui, a slutty virgin,
likes to go to school wearing no underwear...
And undressing in empty classrooms...

But she doesn't stop there,
such trifling acts aren't stimulating enough...
In search of further pleasures, she roams the town at night.

* System
Find the map points where you can perform exhibitionism.
The more you exhibit the higher her lewdness level increases.
Increasing lewdness will allow for even more extreme acts!

* H Scene
Outdoor exhibitionism, outdoor masturbation,
peeing, fellatio, r*pe, gangbang, pregnancy, etc

10 base CG (47 CG with variations)
Gallery mode available from menu.

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free):

Please check system compatibility via trial version.
Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

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