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Updated 2022-08-06
Developer Dawnbreak Wind
Language original
Total size 574mb
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Metal Flame

Original title: Metal Flame

In the year 2XXX, with the evolution of artificial intelligence and robots, people and machines coexist peacefully.
but everything changed.
Mechanical creatures in the universe, called "ALM" (alien living-metal), spread like viruses that hack robots and networks.
A machine monster rampages, a man is killed, and a woman is used for seed experiments between a man and a machine.
In order to fight monsters, we developed a combat robot that does not undergo ALM invasion and operates with female brainwaves.
Its name is……
metal flame


「ALM」(alien living-metal)と呼ばれる宇宙がら機械生物は、ロボットやネットワークをハックする、ウイルスのように広がっていく。
「Metal Flame」

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