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Updated 2020-05-05
Developer 木工用ノスタルジィ
Total size 357mb
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■ Update information
- Fixed a bug that branch was not working properly when recalling certain events.

- The ending condition was changed.
 We also displayed a tutorial on the ending goal at the start of the game.
 The ending goal after the change will be "to increase the lewd degree of Rinne".
- Simplified some event flags.
- We implemented the item "earrings of the demon".
 After obtaining it, you can avoid the disappearance event by giving it to Emilia.
- Event recollection mode and hints can be viewed from the start of the game.
- CG viewing mode has been implemented.
 You can view it from the Reminiscence Mode after the ending.
・Other, we made minor bug and event content correction.

*Please refer to the attached Update History for update information before this.

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Linne, a traveler girl, comes to a rural town where humans and monsters live together.
In that town she is subjected to a mysterious curse that " keeps looping for 5 days."
I was puzzled by the experience of being carved into each loop、
5 days of repeated Rinne begins.

■ Game overview
○Erotic status & loop life RPG
The player becomes a traveler's girl Rinne, 5 days to loop many times
You will be free to spend.

To find clues to solve the curse、
We can get information from residents and travelers, and we can investigate incidents in the town.、
You can try to make money by various means、
And make friends with the people of the town、
Selling and buying bodies in prostitutes.、
Try drowning in pleasure earnestly.......

It is up to you what 5 days will be.
Depending on the action you choose, the ending of that loop will also change.

■ Highlights
○Etch scene that changes by eroste
Even if the loop erased the memories of Rinne and the people of the town
The eroticism experience engraved on the body(erotic status)will not disappear.

Eroste corresponding to the eroste will increase when it is done eroticism in the event scene、
When eroste accumulates, the reaction of Rinne to etch will also change.

At first there was no sexual experience Rinne also, while repeating etch by the loop
Gradually began to be conscious of the gaze of men, puzzled by the body that I feel for the first time、
Gradually there is no resistance to the service to the man, and I notice myself to be fucked and estrus
He goes out to the town late at night and invites the man himself for information and money
Eventually it falls into pleasure.......

Please enjoy the various"changes"of Linnaeus that are piling up reliably even though they are trivial.

The basic number of HCG is 23.

[Character graphic production】

[Graphic design cooperation】
Lady Natsuki Chinatsu

*Please check the operation in the trial version before purchase.
* The trial version is different from the full version.
Also, you cannot transfer save data from the trial version to the full version.
* There is a possibility to replace the data by addition, modification, etc.、
It is recommended to purchase after membership registration.



 変更後のエンディング目標は 『リンネの淫乱度を高めること』 となります。



○エロステータス & ループ生活RPG









夏木千夏 様


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