MATRON: The Buxom Warden of Prison Island poster
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Updated 2015-04-04
Developer ONEONE1
Language jap
Total size 1gb
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MATRON: The Buxom Warden of Prison Island

Ver 1.02 [Updated Feb 9, 2015]
(1) Added high quality folder of all CGs (1600x1200 size)
You must clear the game to access this folder.
(2) Bug fixes and corrections

A serious, virginal heroine is completely ravaged.
ONEONE1 presents the violation and downfall of brave protagonist Irumina!

"It wasn't an accident? My father was... murdered?"

The question has plagued Irumina her entire life.
She's devoted everything to finding the truth, and now, here,
on a free-range prison island, that truth is within grasp.
Rumina is a virgin and the island's only female, surrounded by
hardened perverts... including her fellow wardens.

"I've come this far. There's no going back now..."

Irumina has vowed to to learn how her father really died...
for his sake, she carries on, as

MATRON -The Buxom Warden of Prison Island-

* Discover another ending
Complete the game, then carry over your level + money + items in New Game Plus!!
This second playthrough will give you even more freedom to acquire stuff you missed.
In addition, New Game Plus provides a different ending (hentai, of course)!

* Unleash the freedom of "Extra Mode"
Complete the game to also unlock "Extra Mode", which lets you
look at CGs and H scenes at your leisure. Plus H anime appreciation!

* Side view battles are Action x H Anime
As always, battles are action animated SEX attacks
shown in profile, like the classic RPGs of childhood.
But this is for adults only!

* Skip scenes and turn off voice
You can speed your way through scenes by pressing the Ctrl key!
Players who prefer a quieter gameplay can also mute voices!

* Sexual experience adds up......
... bestowing different labels on Irumina and altering sexual parameters.

* Piss mode!

* Level up even when you fail!

* Copious situations!

56 total works = 32 base CGS + 12 H animations + 12 battle animations and actions
Over 560 total variations of artwork
Go nude straight from the beginning (this will affect game dialogue)

Ao Inukai

Planning: ONEONE1
Character art: taro
Scenario: Hisao Sanada
Animation SD: Noa
Supervision: Ichigo

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free).
* Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
* Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

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