Masochistic Male Bullying Classroom 3D poster
Updated 2021-05-18
Developer Lights,Camera,Action
Total size 200mb
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Masochistic Male Bullying Classroom 3D

A 3D schoolgirl-on-boy rape game!
3D action created entirely with Unity!

The girls at school are always sexually bullying you.
They're back at it again today, coming at you from all sides!
Avoid their carnal clutches to clear the stage!

Lots and lots of bullying!
In the classroom, in the pool, in the infirmary -- the girls will use their bodies to make you their toy.

All animated in silky-smooth 3D!
Unlike "Maker" programs, here you can move the camera to see the boy-bullying from a whole new angle!
And you can peep at the girls' parts all you want!

There are also different costumes!
Change the color of the outfits, the shoes, the underwear, and even get them all wet and lube-y!

[Time for Rape!]
- Get strangled by tits while another girl rubs your dick with her ass!
- Get butt-slammed by four different girls!
- Glomped, bound, and raped!
- Get your head bounced around by titties!

Please check compatibility via the trial version before purchase.
There is a bug where characters' faces may not display properly on certain PCs.
If the frame rate is set below 30 FPS, gameplay will be difficult.
(FPS is displayed in the upper left of the trial version.)
Check first to make sure the faces will display.

* Save data can be transferred from the trial version to the full version.
Simply copy the contents of "SaveFile" in the "Game_Data" folder to the "Game_Data" folder in the full version.

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