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Updated 2020-08-20
Developer Hourglass & Pencil
Rip by s-hentai

Mart x Tetra

* Story
One story, while I,Tetra, was exploring a dungeon,
I stumbled across the former demon lordess Mart.
I thought I was screwed. but...she then said:
"I'll make you an adventurer, and together with me, we'll take down the current demon lord!"

Though I've always been weak, I've dreamed of becoming an adventurer,
so I'm taken in by her sweet words, and join her.
So it's me, who can't fight but can store magical energy, and the former demon lordess,
who can fight but can't store any magical energy.
Together. can we defeat the current demon lord?

* Game
Switch between the two characters in combat, and take out the demon lord (hero).
Ecchi situations change depending on what character you are using.
Contains multiple endings. Can you get the happy ending!?
- Flow-chart included

* H-scenes
Illustration: Shiro Keso
Situations and partners vary depending on what character you are playing as.
The prideful and lewd former lordess' interspecies sex, fellatio, and torture, etc...
Or virgin Tetra's deflowering, pleasure corruption, rape, tentacle assault, etc...

* Characters

- Tetra
The protagonist. Polite, and kind, but a coward. The lowest rank of adventurer

- Mart
The other protagonist. A former demon lordess.
Wants to get revenge on the current demon lord after being betrayed by them.
Loves sex.

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