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Updated 2018-03-12
Developer 7cm
Size 57mb
Language rus
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Mandrake: ERODE 0

Dragon halfling "Drake" struggles with
the duality of dragon and human desires.
When elfling "Syuka" asks for help,
he rises to the occasion, but naturally
there's no reason to do it for free...

Mandrake -ERODE 0-
The first of an RPG series
44 base CGs (incl. non-erotic)
Play the prologue for free!

(Free prologue / trial version excludes monster girls, etc.)

* Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free):

Mandrake: ERODE 0 screenshotMandrake: ERODE 0 screenshotMandrake: ERODE 0 screenshot

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