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Updated 2018-09-28
Developer Boot Up!
Language jap

Mama-Haha 2

Original title: ままはは2

Shouta was raised by his father after his mother’s early passing and he has yearned for a mother figure in his life. Even though he tried to look at his next-door neighbour Hitomi as his mother, those feelings never completely disappeared. Then his father remarried a younger woman named Rena and he finally had the ‘mother’ that he had always wanted. She was very caring and showered him with motherly love, but it ended up spoiling him.
One day, he started sucking on her breasts like a child and she let him continue is daily. His father soon found out and thought that Shouta was making a move on his wife and kicked him out of the house despite Rena’s attempt to clear the misunderstanding. He was left without a place to live, but fortunately Rena arranged for him to stay at her sister Marika’s home. Even though they were complete strangers, they gradually trusted each other and soon lived like close siblings.

Two years passed and Rena paid him a visit.

“Shouta, please come home and make up with your father”

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