Majo Koi Nikki poster
Updated 2019-07-28
Developer Qoobrand
Language eng

Majo Koi Nikki

Original title: 魔女こいにっき

Alice attends Hekihou Academy with her friends Yakko and Keiko, where she's a member of the photography club. She lives alone except for her pet dog Qoo, and she holds down a part-time job as a waitress at Dragon Burger. Her life is busy and content, but sometimes she feels like there's something she's forgetting, something she left undone. Maybe even something important.
One day Alice and her friends visit the clock tower. There, an unusual book falls into Alice's lap: the diary of a mysterious and rather perverted young man. Why do all the girls Alice meets show up in the diary? Why does nobody remember the events in the diary? And why does Alice feel so strongly that she wants to meet that young man?

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