Mai & Rei poster
Updated 2020-05-07
Developer Atelier KOB

Language jap

Mai & Rei

The second release in the Lolita Girl Idol series! Mai-chan and
Rei-chan will do their best to wet their petite little p*ssies for you!
Can these two become full fledged idols?

Two sister's feature in their first image video.
With cute little smiles on their faces they perform for you but...
The contents of their performance slowly but surely increase
in lewdity and overwhelmed by pleasures the girls start to waver.

There, the director steps in for some personal practice time...

Mai Sasaki (Elder Sister)
Hobbies: Poem Writing, Reading
Personality: Not the type to take lead but still a girl of firm character
and family orientation. She is liked and relied upon by her friends.
She's not so good at athletics and more so an indoor type.
As a classic shy type, Mai has difficulty expressing her opinion.

Rei Sasaki (Younger Sister)
Hobbies: Basketball, Games
Personality: She loves moving her body and exercise!
A very positive and energetic girl, she does not get held up on the little things.
She is currently the ace of the basketball team.
Rei is aware that her elder sister Mai is looking out for her.
Appreciating the fact, she can ~sometimes~ be considerate in return.

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