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Kafka studies beastlings on a secluded island outside of Luciel.
The protagonist of this story is Serika, Kafka's assistant.

Among her master's creations is a drug that makes Serika periodically aroused.
The antidote to this drug can only be harvested from "the legendary herb".
At Kafka's command, Serika embarks on a quest for it.

Classic RPG style
Skill and item usage
Serika can be joined by other characters who you may use in battle

You can upgrade certain of Serika's armor

Difficulty modes are Easy, Normal and Hard (+)
Higher difficulty means higher rewards
You can switch between Easy and Normal modes, but if you choose Hard
mode you're locked in for the duration of that playthrough

Harvest materials from dungeons
Be aware that you cannot save in the dungeon and if you run away,
you may lose access to the items you would have gotten
To clear a dungeon you have to crush the boss at its core
Dungeon bosses have rare drops

Serika's "lewdness" is affected by winning or losing battle, items, events, etc.
At high lewdness or when she's weak, certain H scenes may also change

Questing will progress the main story, but you can clear the main story
without doing all the quests
Quests are a good way to acquire gold, items, weapons
Some quests have H scenes, naturally

60+ H scenes
70+ base CGs
The main story and certain quests have H scenes as well as
certain monsters when you are defeated in batle
H scenes and CGs are saved to a "reviewing room" which you can visit
You can unlock scenes with "cards"
When you clear the game, you have the option of purchasing a
"full unlock" for all H scenes

Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free):

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