M Game 3 poster
Updated 2016-07-26
Developer kokuryuuki Software
Language jap

2.19 (1160)

M Game 3

The 3rd Battle F*cking Role Playing Game (BFRPG)
now with eight (8) varieties of animaaation~!
And four (4) varieties of upskirt screenshots!
Girl on top
Missionary position

* Win or lose, you still win
Enjoy the sex training, cumming and climaxes.
If you win there's not really anything different
Losing/submitting gives you an assault scene.
There are 5 assault scenes in M Game 3.

* M Mode, or "reverse r*pe mode"
is about being powerless of course

* Playtime is about 30 minutes

* Cross section animations included

- active battle
- no game over
- auto message
- message skip
- CG view mode

Requires RPG TKool VX RTP (free):

Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

Check out one failure scene in the free trial!

M Game 3 screenshotM Game 3 screenshot

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