Lustlock Labyrinth poster
Updated 2020-07-18
Developer AzureZero
Rip by mikocon

Lustlock Labyrinth

Trying to locate her missing friend, Marisa the adventurer enters the great Lustlock Labyrinth; a magical dungeon of untold power.

Those who challenge the dungeon risk everything; their minds, their bodies... even their names are at stake.

To the one that conquers the dungeon? They win their heart's desire...
Riches? Women? All is possible...

Those that lose will be trapped forever. 

Of course, Marisa is above such temptations... She only has her friend's safety in her mind.

Can she reach the deepest floor and conquer the dungeon? Or will she lose everything and become a sex slave?

A dark fantasy first-person dungeon RPG! 

Map out each floor as you explore!

A wide variety of cute girls to fight, Death is forbidden!

Collect Items, Learn new skills, and best your enemies 

Grapple attacks - Some enemies will grapple you and you will have to struggle free. 


15 lewd base cgs  

Animated sex attacks  

7 cute enemies to strip (and 2 men) 

4 boss game overs 

2 endings 

6 lewd punishment scenes (the story doesn't end) 

short and sweet RPG (Estimated completion time 1 hour if you're trying not to lose)

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