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Lustful Sorcery

[Hi, listen.]
[The developer isn't here right now, and I don't have very long to talk, so I added this message really quickly for you.]
[When you play this game, if you could do it without sniffing the beds, that would really mean a lot to me.]
[The guy who downloaded this right before you was a real freak.]
[Just... let's play the game like normal people and NOT sniff any beds, okay?]
[Thanks in advance.]
[The Narrator]



Lustful Sorcery is a bullet hell dating sim RPG that also blends in comedy and NSFW elements. It takes the idea of "leaving to attend a magical school" and puts a fresh spin on it. All of the NSFW content is behind warnings, so the game can be played entirely SFW.

The Andere Realm exists entirely within the almost-nearly-forgotten VX Ace engine, and some of the characters have figured out that something is amiss. People sleeping for a long time. Files going missing. You name it.

For most of the realm, however, there is a bigger issue at hand: the evil Hex Queen and her guild of evil witches threaten to finally overthrow both the magical High Academy and King Torkoth as well as his Royal Army.

Step into the magic and become the most romantic mage to ever live!


The FREE demo contains (as of v1):
* Some sniffable beds
* Two distinct options for dates
* Access to the entire first town (Dawn Village), as well as part of the forest beyond (Groggy Woods)
* 2 pieces of date victory artwork (the healer was censored in the demo version to make it easier to distribute/available to more playtesters)
* Access to the first lore library (no restricted section)
* Only a couple NSFW item chests

The Early Access/Full Support files contain (as of v1):
* All sniffable beds including the MEGA SNIFF
* Access to all current town/areas:
(Dawn Village, Legbit Town, Groggy Woods, Sunvolley Port, His Majesty's ship, the High Academy and all of its sections, Seminal Falls, the Rime of Iris, the Thermatrices, the Forsaken Gardens & Forsaken Gardens Commonwealth, the Trick House, the Ghastmaiden. More are planned for future releases of the early access/full support files).
* Access to both lore libraries (in the second one at the Academy, the restricted section is accessible)
* Several NSFW item chests
* All date victory artwork
* Sub-missions, like the engineer in Sunvolley
* Access to all spells
* Access to flowers as a date gift (very helpful; more gifts planned for v2+)
* The Hex Student, a merchant of lewd items (only has the Helm of X-Ray currently, more planned)
* The Collector, a panties-themed merchant
* Access to more overworld art like the Hex Witch at the lake
* Game is currently "beatable" up through graduation, but the true ending will be in v2+

"I can't control the game"
* This is RPG Maker, so move with the arrow keys, Z is action, X is back, ESC is menu
"How long is this game?"
* Right now, you could see everything the game has to offer in under 3 hours if you keep moving and don't want to play anything more than once.
"How long will the finished version be?

* Hard to say. Right now, the intended final length of the main game is about 10 hours, with enough replayable content to keep it fresh for up to 50+. A lot of this length will come from filling out the Warp Hall, the exam maps, etc. as well as the planned post-game. Honestly, the final length could vary greatly, because I have at least 10 more ideas for areas and towns that I could easily want to fill up.
"My nose hurts from sniffing too many beds."
* That'll happen. Unfortunately, I am not a medical expert, but I would think most symptoms will alleviate themselves in a few days if you give up sniffing beds.
* You gotta, though. Don't you want your nose to get better?
* Sure, you do.
"Why VX Ace and not MV or newer?"
* I started developing this game during a very dark time in my life when it was supposed to just remain a toy I used to learn the tenets of game design. Instead, I fell in love with it, and by that point, the migration to a newer engine would have taken the better part of a year. At the time I began working on this, I had simply purchased VX Ace on sale and was using it to keep myself together during my struggles. Since then, developing adult games has become my way of doing that perpetually - finding light and humor and excitement in an otherwise hard period of time for me.
"Will you date me?"
* I'm sorry, love. It would never work out between us.
"Is that really you in the game in the Exterior Village?"
* It sure is. House layout and all. You can find my dog running around the village playing hide and seek.


More important info:

Why buy full support?
The full support file is the same file as early access, but priced so that you don't have to re-buy the full game when it comes out. It is priced to reflect all intended changes and additions across all early access versions. Buying the early access file gives you everything the game has now, but after the game is out of early access, those files will be removed, and the only options will be the full version here and the eventual Steam release.
Buying the full support file now basically means that from now until the end of time, you'll have access to all updates to Lustful Sorcery, even if the Steam version ends up being more expensive due to an engine upgrade/adding tons more art, etc. The max price on Itchio will always be $9.99USD, meaning no matter what file I upload at that price point, you get it if you buy the full support version. Definitely not required at all, it's just a way to save money in the long run if you are wanting the full game eventually with all features unlocked.
If the full support version sells well, I'm definitely going to be putting some extra content in it for our top supporters.

Future Content?
My plans for future content are:
* Complete the story
* Integrate the town-building post game based on who you "marry"
* Add more Hex items as well as Hex Magic the player can learn
* Add the rest of the planned spells
* Add the rest of the planned art (for instance, we have variations for the entire population of the Forsaken Gardens already complete, and they just need added in v2+); there are also more plans for the Trick House's art)
* Flesh out the exam maps a lot more, especially Ghastmaiden

Plan for the Game?
Finish it, release it, put it on Steam. VX Ace is an old engine, and while that ties into the plot of the game, I want to get it done as quickly as possible so that it can live a nice, long life. RPG Maker has a history of making their stuff capable of running years and years into the future (for instance, an RPG Maker 2003 game comes to mind that is still playable and was released in 2008), but that's all the more reason to complete this game and make sure people can have all that time with it. Nothing is ever guaranteed. Not life, not happiness, and not RPG Maker.
You can expect updates to the early access/full support files monthly. The demo may receive updates here and there if I have time, as I do appreciate the people who just want to check us out as well.

The Future?
If Lustful Sorcery does well, a sequel is already in the drafting stage. That game would make the jump all the way to RPG Maker MZ (maybe Unite, but we'll see how stable it is when it comes out). This version of Lustful Sorcery could also see a jump to at least MZ if it does well, to which people who purchase the full support file would get upgraded for free. No promises, though. I need to finish the VX Ace release first, and while the game is probably about 70-75% done, that last 25% is pretty crammed full of content and fixes.
I think unless this game absolutely tanks and no one likes it, the plan is to remake this game in a newer engine eventually no matter what. The question is just when and under what circumstances.

Feel free to support the studio on Patreon as well, but please note that with this game, Patreon support only comes with voting rights and Discord access, NOT a copy of the game. We appreciate the generosity if you choose to do so. We may eventually update Patreon with more tiers that include builds of the game, but PLEASE be aware right now, it's just extra support and a few more perks. You can view everything here:

Rock on.

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