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Updated 2017-11-06
Developer EroFlashFrontier
Size 463mb
Language jap
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Lunatic Record

* Story
A young girl walked home on the street each day.
She was young, and knew nothing about sexuality or lust...
A pervert began to follow her schedule. At last, he made
his assault. A stalking/touching Flash game.

* Gameplay
Use your digital camera as an interface.
Peep, touch, blowjob and penetration progression.
Includes creampie, bukkake options.
Fill in the story gaps with your lewd imagination.

Sex scenes are controlled by mouse (drag)
After Effects + Flash hybrid animation game

CV: Ruka Sakakibara
BGM/SE: Maou Damashii (Joker Sounds)

* Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.

Lunatic Record screenshotLunatic Record screenshotLunatic Record screenshot

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