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Updated 2021-04-08
Developer Melancholy Marionette
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Love in Lockdown - ELI version

It's the year 2025 in the United Kingdom. 5 years have passed since the initial coronavirus lockdown, and with the gradual spread of dangerous new variants, life is still far from what it was. Fighting a losing battle with no certain end in sight, the government has invested billions of pounds into new technology to help aid Britain's single adult households, struggling to deal with the state of perpetual isolation.

You have been selected to participate in a new wave of trials testing the effectiveness of the latest synthetic model. Meet ELI, your emergency lockdown loneliness assistant.

This is the counterpart to my Valentine's jam entry (the ELLA version). I always wanted to give the player a choice of a male and female synthetic for this project, but I struggled to get everything finished. Unfortunately, this is far from my best work, haha. For starters, I will be uploading the game long after the jam deadline has passed because I just couldn't make it in time. I was working on the project on and off fairly erratically, and despite pushing hard to get it done, I just wasn't able to make it. In the spirit of the jam though, I got it finished and uploaded! Overall though, my heart wasn't really in this one from the start. I had an idea, but I struggled to get it out in writing-form T_T On top of that, due to the low resolution of the sprite, the overall look of this project is certainly less shiny than DD! Being limited by art resources does rather suck, haha.

Features7 different endings depending on your choicesCasual choices and choices with consequencesThe option to rename ELI and name yourselfGender-neutral - ELI will refer to you by your chosen name + 'you' and 'they'2 different 'voice' options to choose from (there is no voice acting in this version, but you can still pick a 'voice' for ELI that will change the way in which he speaks to you. One is more robotic, the other more human.)Mild adult contentWarnings & TriggersMild violence and depictions of bloodMild nudity and suggestive scenesBugs

If you happen to find any bugs/typos, please report them . One that I know of is there is a particular line where the text doesn't match the voice. For some reason, no matter what I did to fix this, the game still exports with the error and I have no idea why because it's fine in my test version. As usual, I have no idea if the Mac and Linux versions even work because I don't own those systems to test on :(

Need help getting the game to run on Mac? Check out  I made.

Alternate Version

As with my other jam games, I wanted to have the ability to select your partner between a male and female option. Since I struggled with the project in general, I didn't have time to create both versions and release them together. You can find the version featuring the female synthetic, ELLA, .

Anyhow, I hope you like this even if I could have done a much better job of it!


If you enjoyed playing through the game (or even if you didn't xD), I'd really appreciate hearing your feedback in the comments + ratings are much appreciated too ^-^

If you need help with anything, or just wanna drop me a message about the game, feel free to post a comment, or send me an email: [email protected]

This game will always be available to download for free, if you enjoyed playing it, you're welcome to , or support other projects I'm working on by becoming a  :3 

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